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This supplement is able to fight oxidative stress through the activation of the Nrf2 protein. This protein helps regulate the aging process.

 Protandim Ingredients

This formulation efficacy in combating oxidation stress more efficiently than any other food or supplement is due to the combination of all its ingredients. It’s capable of boosting the antioxidant and anti-aging factor Glutathione by 300%.

Green tea extract (98% polyphenols, Bacopa extract with 45% bacosides content, Milk Thistle extract (80 silymarin), ashwagandha root powder, tumeric extract with 95% curcumin content

The safety of its ingredients come from natural sources.

 Protandim Side Effects

The usual consumer is not expected to have any side effects, however some could have certain allergic reactions, such as gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea, stomachache and vomit. feet and hands rashes and headaches.

If notice any side effects discontinue use and side effects will disappear. This is according to the manufacturer.

If you suffer of an autoimmune disease or been recipient of organs and taking immunosuppressive medications after a transplant, or pregnant or breastfeeding women should ask for  doctor advice.

Regardless to drugs interactions unlike any medication or supplement which are metabolized by the liver and expelled by the kidneys though urine, Protandim ingredients are metabolized and excreted into the bile, making it more difficult to interact with any drug.

Check the warning label for more detailed information.

 Protandim Review

Protandim has the capacity to reduce oxidative stress in 30 days by an average 40 percent. This is achieved by decreasing the harm that cause free radicals to the cells with the Nrf2 protein activation, that stimulates protective genes and enzymes, and decelerates the ones that cause inflammation, improving the body health.

Protandim Scam?

The good reviews about Protandim outnumber the bad ones, scam rumors are common in the internet especially about popular successful products. Competitors use it to divert attention to their less successful ones.

Protandim Testimonials

Protandim has plenty of good reviews online, never seen to many products with such a good reputation. Most people that have used it testify that they’ve gotten excellent results. however remember that results vary according to the particular individual. However the best way to know is to try it.

What Are People Saying About Protandim?

This gentleman says that he really likes this supplement and claims that is the best he ever used. He encourages anyone to try it.

Bart Taylor

In the other hand this lady says that she is seventy years old and besides giving her great energy makes her feel young, also Protandim has the capability to kill cancerous cells and other diseases. She claims it regenerates her cells as when she was twenty.

by Connie Lewis.

Protandim- LOT of Six (6) bottles

Protandim Testimonials

Most protandim testimonials are positive and clearly state that people are happy with the results. Understand that sometimes there are products that don’t have the same results for everybody, but eventually trying it is the only way to find out.

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